The makeup is known to be the application of the different kinds of decorative things onto the skin with the aim of beautifying as well as hiding the bad things of the skin. The make-up is the part of the face-paint. The specialist on such kind of things is called the visage specialist.

The make-up is not only about painting, but also about modeling, correction of the shape and the color of the face. While using different decorative things there is an aim to make beautiful traits of the face even more beautiful.

The main complexity here lies in the ability to use such things. The good make-up has to be tender and to underline the neatness of the make-up itself, it should look very natural and must not be greatly visible. Many makeup pictures show that if it is applied correctly and is removed in time, the skin is not at all damaged. In the daytime it plays the role of the thin protective area that fulfills the effective protection of the skin from the bad influence of the factors of the surrounding nature. In the decorative substances there are a lot of useful ingredients that do much good to the skin.

The makeup can depend on the time of the year and the time of the day (morning, the daytime and evening). It can be also different in its purpose but it requires the full harmony in the appearance, in accordance to the clothing, the accessories, jewelery and manicure. Usually among different types of makeup there is the everyday makeup and the makeup that is made for some celebration (often called the evening makeup).

The makeup and its type is also very highly connected with the modern artistic trends. They put the color gamma, the shape of the eyebrows, of the lips and the eyes. In many different makeup pictures we can see all the influence of the makeup onto the general appearance of the woman. Nowadays the makeup is subject to the three trends in the fashion – to the classical, Romantic and vanguard trend. More calm tones or shades are relevant mainly to the classical and romantic makeup and some contrast makeups are relevant to the vanguard.

According to the colors there is the warm and the cold makeup. In the warm makeup there is a lot of yellow, green, brown colors and in the cold – pink, gray, blue and purple colors. When looking through different makeup pictures and choosing the suitable ones for the appearance of the actual woman. The tones of the makeup can be determined mainly by the shape of the face and by the color of the hair and the skin. There are nowadays a lot of visage specialists that are known to be good at the makeup and will do everything to make your face look better and to have much better traits that are usually not so vivid, and to make them even more attractive than they are.

The makeup may be really different but still the main thing about it is that the main aim of such kind of art is to hide the bad traits of the face and on the contrary to make it look much better by making the  best traits of the face highly visible.

It is not necessary to underline, we think, that the services of the qualified and skilful visage masters can cost a lot, but for most women these costs are highly justified, especially if we speak about the so-called evening makeup, where women go to some jubilee or to a wedding, and try to make the best makeup possible. However, they can hardly cope with excellent makeups themselves and that's why they prefer to pay a qualified specialist to do this job for them to look great on any evening event they use to go to. Often women attend the same visage specialist for a very long time because they like the way they look after his or her job is done.